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ENERGETIC Industry, a professional plastic fabrication company and One-stop Semi-finished Plastics & Metals, Plastic Extrusion Profiles manufacturer:

1.        Plastic sheet and plastic rod cutting: polythene sheet, HDPE rod, polypropylene sheets, PP Rod, acetal sheet, acetal rod, PTFE sheet, PTFE bar, nylon sheet, nylon rod, Polycarbonate sheet, PC rods, UHMW sheet, UHMW rod, PEEK sheet, PEEK rod, PPS sheet, PPS Rod, 3D print PEI sheet, Bakelite Sheet, 3025 Phenolic Cotton Sheet, FR4 sheets, alternative Durostone Sheet CAS761, Risho similar solder pallet material
2.        Metal sheet and metal rod cutting: Titanium sheet, Titanium rod,  Stainless steel sheet, Stainless steel rod
3.        Plastic profile: A6/ Nylon 6 profile, PP profile, HDPE profile, UHMWPE profile, POM profile, PC profile, Acrylic/PMMA profile, PTFE profile, PVDF profiles.
4.        Custom plastic parts: SMT jig and fixture,  PCB testing fixture,  plastic machining, plastic gear, plastic rollers, plastic wheels, plastic spacers, plastic liner, plastic rack, plastic bearings, plastic pulley ect.
5.        Custom plastic property: ESD, conductive, hardness, wear resistance, fire-resistant, corrosion resistance, impact strengt, work temperature, UV resistant  ect.

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